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Physiotherapy for babies - crawling

Northcote Kids Physio specialises in the treatment of children from birth up to 12 years of age.

We are specialists in treating:

  • asymmetries in head shape or neck movement in babies

  • abnormal foot postures in babies and toddlers

  • pre-term or low birth weight infants

  • gross motor delays in babies, such as rolling, sitting, crawling or walking.

  • gross motor difficulties in toddlers and older children such as jumping, hopping, running and riding a trike/bike

  • walking issues such as toe walking, in-toeing, out-toeing

  • balance and co-ordination difficulties, including frequent falls/ tripping

  • rehabilitation after a bone/muscle or ligament injury

  • rehabilitation after general surgery or a significant illness

  • poor endurance/fitness

  • growth spurt injuries such as Osgood Schlatter and Severs disease

  • muscle or joint pain

  • hypermobility (ligament laxity)

  • nerve injuries such as Erb's Palsy/ brachial plexus injuries or shoulder dystocia 

  • children diagnosed with a syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or other disability with NDIS funding 

Celia Johnston 


I graduated from the University of Melbourne with Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours). This is complemented by the completion of the Paediatric Neuro-Developmental Treatment post graduate course. I am registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and am a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association.
I have 18 years experience working as a Children's Physiotherapist in Melbourne and in London, specialising in the treatment of 0-12 year olds. This has included work with community health centres, specialist schools, child care centres, kindergartens, primary schools and private practice clinics. My experience ranges from children presenting with minor sporting injuries through to significant disability.
As a Physiotherapist and a mother of 3 young children, I am passionate about encouraging all children to be active, and to fully engage in the world in a physical sense.
Physical activity is a core value in our family. We love spending time together on bike riding holidays, hiking through rainforests, swimming at the beach and skiing down snow mountains. We enjoy exploring the world by being active in nature; balancing on logs crossing a river, performing cartwheels on the beach, climbing trees or jumping into rockpools.      



Celia Johnston - Paediatric Physiotherapist

Children are not just little adults. Their bones, muscles and joints are structured differently to adults and are therefore predisposed to different types of injuries. Paediatric Physiotherapists have an expert understanding of child development and how this relates to neurological, cardio-respiratory and musculoskeletal health.  Paediatric Physiotherapists assess each child individually and develop programs with a child and family-centred focus. They provide treatment, management and education to enhance the health and wellbeing of children and maximise their participation in everyday activities.

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