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Tummy time for baby - physiotherapy

Plagiocephaly/ Torticollis

Babies are prone to developing flat spots on the soft bones of their skull. Sometimes this occurs in conjunction with a limitation in turning or tilting their neck to one side.

Physiotherapists can teach positioning, stretching, carrying and play techniques to improve neck movements and promote the skull to grow symmetrically.  

Osgood Schlatter Disease - phyiotherapy knee taping

Osgood-Schlatter Disease

Growth spurts mean that the bones grow at a faster rate than the muscles. This can put pressure on the area where a muscle inserts into a bone, resulting in pain and inflammation.

Physiotherapists can provide advice and exercises to assist the healing process. 

Gross motor skill delays or difficulties - Physiotherapy can help.
Physiotherapy for children with Down Syndrome - NDIS self managed funding

Gross motor delays or difficulties

Some children are a little slower to develop their big movement skills.

Babies may be slow to learn to roll, sit, crawl or walk.

Toddlers or older children may have difficulty running, jumping, hopping, or riding a trike/bike. Kids may also have difficulties with balance or co-ordination.

Physiotherapy can provide exercises to enhance these gross motor skills as well as investigate if there may be an underlying cause for these difficulties.

Down Syndrome

Children with Down Syndrome have very flexible joints and low muscle tone. Physiotherapy can help strengthen the legs, arms and core muscles. This assists the progression of gross motor skills, which enhance the ability of your child to move, explore and therefore learn in their environment.